8:23 PM

Do it tomorrow:

Recently, a good friend of mine, Lee Hansen, passed away unexpectedly at a young age. Pilots in Central California and on the Victor airways heading to Redding will remember Lee and his amazing wife Valli as "Bonanza 888 November Echo".

Five minutes into Lee's funeral, a twin flew over Sanger Cemetary (looked like a Baron 58, so Lee would have been glad it was a Beechcraft), and about half the 200 heads in attendance ratcheted upwards to – you guessed it – watch the twin fly out of sight. We pilots are all the same.

Today, I posted this blog as my way of staying as active as I can in aviation, because you never really know when YOUR number is going to be punched and you'll get called up to go fly with Lindbergh. That is why I am urging everyone who has ever thought about taking flying lessons to do one thing tomorrow: Call your local flight school and book a discovery flight. Why wait?

You can search Airnav to find the school nearest you.

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