12:43 PM

Is the timing right on this?

As airports begin to jam with holiday travelers in a few days, the TSA will be right in the midst of an important change to the post 9/11 security measures we either love or hate.

They plan on shifting their focus from Grandma’s sewing kit to explosive tennis shoes. From the TSA:

Beginning December 22, scissors with a cutting edge of four inches or less and tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers smaller than seven inches will be permitted on board. Scissors longer than four inches and tools such as crowbars, drills, hammers, and saws will continue to be prohibited from carry-on bags.
So a pair of scissors with a cutting edge of four inches will be permitted? What am I missing here? The razor knives that caused the most damage on 9/11 had blades just one inch long. I’ve actually caused myself to bleed from flailing around with small office scissors while fighting a paste-up deadline. Running with scissors is taboo, unless Little Suzy wants to run down the jetway, then it is cool, so says TSA.

I support vigilant airport security in theory, but for my two cents, I think this is a mistake. And the timing is awful…why couldn’t they wait for the middle of cold, snowy January to implement this change?

Maybe TSA is taking their cues from FEMA…

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