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Mood lighting on the new Boeing Dreamliner?

Airliner aficionados around the globe are awaiting the debut of the awe-inspiring new Boeing Dreamliner. This is the wide-body that began life as the 7E7, but was recently re-designated the 787 to fall in line with the Boeing family lineage. Call it what you want, but this is one commercial transport that gives any pilot serious goose bumps.

The interior of this ‘liner is like nothing we’ve seen before. Innovative does not even do it justice in describing the almost Star Trekish lines inside the pax cabin. These flowing lines carry through to the flight deck as well, completing what I can easily say is the most beautiful front office ever designed.

The –87 comes in medium and long-range models. The 787-9 Dreamliner is a slightly bigger version of the 787-8, which is the big brother of the 787-3. The –9 has seating for 250 to 290 passengers, and a range of 8,600 to 8,800 nm while sipping 20 percent less fuel than any other airplane of its size.

There are things about this new-generation airliner that has yet to become widely known. Among them is a new type of lighting system:

From the Boeing 787 fact sheet:

Illuminated by arrays of light emitting diodes, both the brightness and the color of the sky-like cabin ceiling can be controlled in flight by the crew. Flight attendants can give passengers a sense of daylight when desired, and when they want to help passengers rest, simulate a beautiful nighttime sky.
If they’ve put that kind of thought into the cabin lights, imagine what the –87 must be like to FLY! I suspect even the pilot’s cup holders will be of a new design that will re-invent how a personal coffee urn stays affixed to the airframe.

The Dreamliner…I want one. Can’t get one, but I want one.

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