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Next generation Cirrus: Bet on a propjet.

Right now, Cirrus Aircraft is the top selling GA plane out there. Their SR22 GTS/G2 is almost beyond anything a GA pilot would have wished for a decade ago. Yes I want one...bad.

But there have been rumors floating around that Alan Klapmeier and Cirrus are developing some sort of new model, one that will "blow away" even their current models. Interviews with Alan K. in the aviation press have not shed light on what this new model will be, but I have my money on a turboprop version of their SR22.

If this sounds like a pretty far out idea, keep in mind that Cirrus has history in the turboprop department. The photo at left is of an old pusher design they built in 1994, but don't expect a new design from them to be anything like the St50.

A few forward thinking optimists say it will be a turbofan-powered VLJ to compete head to head with Cessna's Mustang and the Eclipse 500. But don't hold your breath on that, because Cirrus already has a very capable airframe, and to manufacture a pressurized true jet would force them to re-invent the wheel. Won't happen.

And as if anyone needs another reason to buy a Cirrus, check out these tax savings when you take advantage of Federal Section 179 increases in depreciation:

2005 SR22 depreciation with Sec. 179: $108,028*
2005 SR22 depreciation without Sec. 179: $21,706*
according to Cirrus Design

The Cirrus website says they even have a few 2005 delivery spots still open. Julie, where's the checkbook?

The continued success of Cirrus will always be a developing story on this blog. And I plan to closely monitor the www for any real news on a new model, even if I can't afford one...

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