8:53 PM

Now this is slick

Wouldn't it be cool if you could dial up one phone number on your cell phone while pre-flighting your plane, and hear a recording of any AWOS in the land? A year ago, this would have been something only found in Fantasy Land. Not so any more.

A free service called AnyAwos has been in place long enough for me to now endorse them, as I must admit the idea seemed so far fetched at first, I thought it could not possibly last.

But by dialing 1.877.ANY.AWOS (or to the telepad challenged, 1.877.269.2967), you can punch in a few letters and after one quick prompt, you are listening to real-time AWOS. No need to store all your favorite destinations into the cell's speed dial, just one number is all you need.

I am not affiliated with them, but I do use the service and it works. It is fast, effecient, and since they also offer a paid "premium" service where you can get 5 AWOS reports on one call, I hope these folks are raking it in.

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