11:56 AM

O.K., this isn't about flying, but it's really, really cool

Stay with me, 'cause you'll want to know more about this.

I have recently got into Geocaching, using a new Garmin eTrex Legend C handheld GPS shown at right. Here is what Geocaching is:

All over the world, "Geocachers" have set out little "caches" full of basically worthless little trinkets, toys and treasures. They then post the lat-long of the "cache" on geocaching.com, and by using your GPS, you trek off through the woods (or sometimes just down the street) and find the cache. You sign the logbook inside, leave a trinket, take a trinket, and place the cache back where you found it for the next geocacher.

This new activity mixes a couple of my favorite things...technology and the outdoors. Living in beautiful Western Oregon, there are literally 1,000s of these caches to seek out, and this "sport" is the best way I have ever found to initiate a hike and get out for some fresh air when not flying.

Try it, you'll like it. But don't EVER tell your significant other that Av8rdan turned you on to Geocaching, so that when you get the bug and become addicted to this modern-day treasure hunt, I won't get a nasty phone call when you are always gone, out slogging through a mudhole in search of yet another little Tupperware box stuffed with treasures you previously could only find at the 99 cent store.

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