12:27 PM

Reality vs. Dreaming

I just got a great email from a blog reader in Germany asking what kind of aircraft I would be flying if I had an endless supply of money. I replied that like all pilots, that is a tough question to answer, but here goes:

For sheer jet-powered excitement, how can you go wrong with the awesome new Sino-Swearingen SJ30-2? Yeah, I guess 560 MPH ought to get ‘er done.

Of course, who can afford one? So – still dreaming – I’d love a Lancair IV-P Propjet. This kit blasts through the sky at 370 MPH, and gets a solo pilot up to FL240 in pressurized comfort at 7,000 FPM!

O.K., to get a bit more real, the SR22 GTS is a real plane I can conceivable own someday if my aviation ad agency picks up the right national clients. Fast, beautiful and, well, it’s a Cirrus, what more needs to be said?

For vintage fun, it would have to be a DC-3, and you can find one of the best examples of the 1,200 or so still flying by looking at Duggy, the coolest Gooney of them all. You can also buy your Duggy gear here.

Now, on to reality. Chances are, you’ll see me owning a used Grumman AA5B Tiger in the near future. For about $70 grand, it has Skylane speed, Skyhawk-priced annuals and insurance costs, and it handles like a poor man’s RV-8. And, you’ve got to love the sliding canopy, unless it is raining. Smart Tiger owners carry a beach towel for cheap but effective avionics protection when the wet stuff is falling.

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