11:29 AM

A Rotax twin?

Tecnam Aircraft of Italy is planning to offer a fully FAA certified light twin, with deliveries expected to begin in late 2006 or 2007. What is interesting about this announcement is Tecnam’s choice of power for their new creation, dubbed the P2006T – 100HP Rotax 912 engines.

From Tecnam: The new P2006T will feature retractable undercarriage, hydraulic constant speed propellers with feathering and a full IFR Glass Cockpit option. Predicted performance figures for the P2006T include a 75% cruise speed of 147 knots, 53 knot stall, a rate-of-climb of 1,400 ft/min (with single-engine ROC of 350 ft/min), an empty weight of only 630 kg, and a useful load of 460 kg for a maximum all-up weight of 1,090 kg.
Pricing is said to be in the $273,905 – $285,814 range.

There was a time long ago when I would not have given Rotax engines the time of day…but not anymore. They have evolved into a fully certified, legitamate choice for light airplane power, and I can see a decent market for the P2006T from flight schools who give multi-engine training.

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