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Vintage aviation does not get any better than this

I will never forget the day I visited Bob Lock’s shop just outside Reedley, CA. He was hand-building one of two New Standard D-25 biplanes he would later use in his new venture, Waldo Wright’s Flying Service.

The visit brought back memories from my ‘tween years when I attempted to build a few large scale model aircraft. Trust me when I tell you it would NOT have been safe to have ever flown in any of my questionable designs.

So to watch a master craftsman like Lock meticulously bending wing ribs one at a time out of wood blew me away. He was building a functioning, flyable full scale airplane as if it were a model – the only difference being that he would have to somehow convince the FAA (and his insurance carrier) that his workmanship was sufficient to haul paying passengers around without the wings falling off.

Anyone who has ever known Lock or his son and business partner, Rob, know these are two guys who are valuable assets to our aviation community. Nobody has the passion for vintage biplanes as the Locks, and it shows in the airplanes they build. And it is an honor to be able to say I know the guys who have now built the nation’s largest vintage biplane ride company.

So do yourself a favor and visit their website, and keep an eye out for the Locks flying their D-25s and Stearman Oct-May off the lush grass strip at Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight Museum in Polk City, Florida.

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