9:10 AM

Welcome Avsim readers!

Anyone who flies flight simulators is OK in my book, so welcome to the blog and make sure you come back whenever you need a break from work, life or thinking terribly hard. World of Flying is like flying a Cessna 172 in either MS Flight Simulator or X-Plane, it requires no serious work, is quite enjoyable, and can be a lot of fun.

I am a huge proponent of consumer sims as a valuable tool to teach real pilots the basics of navigation, communication, scanning the panel, and even airmanship. They also shine for pilots like myself who choke at the $111/wet hour rental rates for a Cessna 172XP at KEUG and want to stay fairly current in between real monthly flights. Right now I am running back and forth in a King Air 350 from Eugene, OR to PDX in Portland, shooting the ILS into 28R in real-time weather conditions.

While the FS or XP environment is not exactly the same as seat-of-the-pants flying, it is damn close these days. Take a zero time kid and teach them on FS or XP for 50 hours and them immerse them in ground school and real flight training, and I'll bet the farm he or she will ace their written, smoke their oral, and knock the socks off their FAA Pilot Examiner.

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