10:09 AM

Welcome to my world.

For those of you who know me, it is no secret I love airplanes, flying, and anything even remotely related to aviation. That should come as no surprise to anyone who knows a pilot, since we are all the same. A Piper Cub flies by overhead, and we pilots stop our conversation to stare in complete amazement until that little plane eclipses the horizon. We meet another pilot at a party, and for the rest of the night, you can be assured that the two aviators will be lost in their own world, with the topic of conversation undoubtedly being, you guessed it, airplanes.

I have been a nationally-published writer since 1979, with my most recent work being picked up in AOPA Pilot, Aviation for Women, and Inflight USA. I simply LOVE to write about aviation, and starting this blog seems like the right way to let loose with some less formal musings about a subject we all love. I read several other blogs each day, and believe strongly that the “blogosphere” has an important place in our society.

So sit back, enjoy whatever comes you way via Av8rdan's World of Flying, and check back often. I plan to update frequently with news, views, a little craziness, all served with a fresh dose of my own brand of humor and schlock.

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