12:27 PM

What is WRONG with the mainstream media?

I can guarantee you that yesterday, an SUV rolled over somewhere in America, and three people suffered fatal injuries. Tragic as that is, AP failed to pick up the story and run with it on their National wire.

But this made the wire, and has been picked up as significant news by Yahoo's News Service:

OMAHA, Neb. - A small plane crashed into a field, killing all three people aboard, officials said Thursday. The wreckage was spotted by a utility worker shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday about a mile south of the Millard Airport. Dense fog blanketed the area at the time.
This kind of treatment towards GA will never, ever cease to amaze me. This is why your neighbor thinks those "little airplanes" are so dangerous, as they jump into their Geo Metro and race off down I-70, happy in their belief that somehow, they are safer fighting semi-trucks for position than riding in an impeccably-maintained V35 Bonanza with Flight Following watching out for traffic.

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