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AP: VLJs will be “SUVs with wings”

Oh, this is sooooo laughable.

If you have ever wanted proof that the mainstream media has trouble reporting on aviation stories, this Associated Press story of 18 January about VLJs adding to our “already crowded skies” is a pure example of the MSM trying without success to be fair and balanced.

Throughout this piece, they refer to VLJs as "little jets", as if to say, "Ohhhh, those itty bitty whittle jets...they're sooo cute!"

Give us a break.

I went to J-school, and know all about the theory of presenting both sides of an issue. But in this AP story, so many different renditions of life after the debut of VLJs is presented, even a licensed pilot will have trouble translating.

And the public? Forget about it…they’ll never get past the line about VLJs being SUVs with wings. Here is a taste:

The FAA predicts at least 4,500 VLJs will be in service 10 years from now, though Blakey concedes that's a conservative estimate. NASA projects 20,000 in 2010. To the radar scope and to the controller, there's no difference between a little jet and a jumbo jet. And, If only two percent of commercial air passengers move from jetliners to very light jets, [FAA Administrator Marian] Blakey said, that will triple the number of takeoffs and landings that air traffic controllers have to handle.
Sheeesh. It gets worse, and weirder, but you'll need a rocket scientist to cull the truth from the fiction. SUV with wings? Gawd, now the yuppies up the street will be driving Eclipse 500s to the freakin' MALL!!

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