11:40 AM

As always, AOPA gets it right

We all know the mainstream media continues to have problems reporting aviation stories, and more often than not, GA takes a PR hit when The Daily Chronicle-Journal-Review gets it all wrong.

So it is refreshing news that AOPA is charging to the forefront of this issue by going live with a new “Online Newsroom” meant to assist mainstream reporters with the correct facts and figures about GA. From the wire services today:

AOPA recognizes that many reporters assigned to cover a story about small planes are scrambling to learn as much as possible even as they head out to cover the story. So the new AOPA Online Newsroom provides the answers to questions that reporters most frequently ask.
AOPA never ceases to amaze me. They are so right on about this kind of thing, and as always, know exactly what to do and say to keep GA looking as good as can be in the eyes of the public.

Where would we be without AOPA burning up the halls of Congress while keeping the mainstream wolves at bay? We’d be screwed, and that little airport down the street, bet your shorts it would have long ago been replaced by a Wal*Mart.

Never forget Meigs Field. Yes, we lost that one, but we won Concord, CA’s Buchanan Field, due in large part to AOPA tireless efforts to assist regular guys and gals in fighting to save their airport.

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