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Center, negative – no joy on the little green men

I am not about to make this blog into a political forum, but if is safe to say that considering the state of emergency our country is in after five years of Bush and Co., I no longer believe anything – ANYTHING – that anyone in the Federal Government says.

So it is with sufficient skepticism that I read the “final” NTSB report today on a three-year-old investigation into the crash of a Cessna Caravan in Alabama.

Normally, this would be just another NTSB report. But this is no “normal” incident. You have to first read this article from the Washington Post, and then read between the lines in the NTSB report, found here.

Here is what we know: The Caravan crashed after a possible inflight collision with something. Maybe. Red scuff marks were found all over the Caravan that would indicate contact, but no other traffic was on RADAR in the vicinity except a DC-10, which the Caravan pilot was maintaining visual contact with at the time that his transmissions with ATC ended.
O.K., this is where it gets weird. The Feds took parts of the Caravan to Wright-Patterson Air Base for examination. This is NOT standard operating procedure for air crash investigations. You may recall that Wright-Patterson is the alleged storage facility where UFO conspiracy theorists believe the alien ship found at Roswell, N.M. is being hidden. So, yes, it seems a bit odd that the Feds would take the Caravan there for testing.

But it gets even weirder. They also shipped the Caravan to Washington, DC for further testing. And parts also went to four other laboratories for more testing. What’s up with all that?

Long, weird story short is that, as you might expect, the Feds found no proof that the Caravan traded paint with a UFO. Are we surprised? Not hardly. But the pilot’s family – and their attorney – are not happy about the final NTSB findings, and plan to press ahead in federal court with a lawsuit that blames the weather, air traffic control and other factors.

This is not the end of this story…

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