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Doesn’t sound like there is anything wrong with Kansas, at least not at Cessna

More proof here that the aviation industry is booming, as Cessna Aircraft Company Chairman, President and CEO Jack Pelton reported last week that the company is rolling along very nicely right now.

During 2005, Cessna delivered 249 Citation jets, 822 single engine pistons, and 86 Caravan single-engine turboprops; won FAA certification for two new jets -- the CJ1+ and CJ2+; and built its order book up to 788 jets and 1,198 single engine aircraft with a total value of $6.3 billion.
Other notable achievements out of Cessna in ’05 include receiving type certification for the Garmin G1000-equipped Skyhawk and delivery of their 6,000th single engine piston airplane since the restart of production in 1996.

More from the Company release:
Based on unit sales, Cessna is the world's largest manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. Since the company was originally established in 1927, more than 186,000 Cessna airplanes have been delivered to nearly every country in the world. The global fleet of more than 4,500 Citations is the largest fleet of business jets in the world.
In my aviation ad agency, I see the current positive growth of general and business aviation every day. Our phone has been ringing off the hook in 2006, with aviation businesses at all levels enjoying the upsurge.

What could possibly be causing this? Take your pick…wildly unstable airline prices, deplorable customer service on most big air carriers, the incredible shrinking airliner seat, the Hub & Spoke system, the list goes on and on.

But this I know: Until the airlines find a better way to charge a stable, affordable price to move your butt from here to Omaha, general and business aviation will thrive and only get bigger as more and more Baby Boomers spend their new money on personal air transportation.

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