2:19 PM

Good [but as usual, confusing] news from the MSM

Today Yahoo and PRNewswire released an article announcing that Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. – a manufacturer of whole-airplane parachute recovery systems for general aviation and recreational aircraft – has received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA for the Symphony SA 160.

Now here’s the confusing part: This latest approval, BRS's 4th, is the first one available directly from the aircraft manufacturer as a factory-installed option.
Key confusion comes from the word “option”, and yes, the article does mention Cirrus taking a "revolutionary step in personal aircraft transportation” when they made the BRS parachute system, known as CAPS(TM), standard equipment on all of their aircraft.

So I reckon the mainstream media would just rather have JoeBob down the street figure out for himself that Cirrus beat Symphony to the BRS parachute thing by years.

Doesn’t really matter, as I believe BRS’s chutes do indeed save lives (181 and counting to date). Would I want to pull the big red handle on an SR-22 and guarantee substantial damage to the airframe just to save my ass?

Damn straight I would. With the BRS system, single engine over the Rockies at night in IFR WX starts to make sense.

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