12:03 PM

Recycled Post:

Here is something from 2006 that I wanted to re-share....as I got nuttin' else worthwhile tonight. I thought this might be a good way to see in real-time just how clogged our airspace really is.

Just how busy IS our airspace?

Long ago, I create a web page that shows real-time IFR arrivals inbound to many of the biggest U.S. airports with class Bravo and Charlie airspace. The raw data feed comes courtesy of FBOweb.com.

Visitors who have checked out this page have told me they did not realize the sheer volume of inbounds to some of the big fields like ORD, LAX or JFK. But I like to point out that in the evening, the IFR traffic in bound to MEM (Memphis) and SDF (Louisville) increases substantially because of the FedEx and UPS hubs. Anyone who knows the overnight parcel system knows that planes from all over the lower 48 must get into those two fields every night, and then depart again a few hours later. Makes for an interesting few hours.

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