1:08 PM

A marriage made in Heaven

There was a time – in a world long ago – when travel by commercial airliner meant starched linen on the table, real silverware, and real food served on real plates.

Can you even imagine that today?

The evolution of airline food has taken ugly turns of late, moving from a hearty meal in the 40s, to some kind of chicken in the 70s and 80s, to a bag of peanuts in the 90s to a tiny speck of pretzel today.

If you want real food on the Big Three, it is available now – for a price. The first time I ordered off their “menu”, I expected something wonderful in exchange for my eight bucks. But nooooo, it was the same old chicken something wrapped in stale bread that they used to give you for free.

Some airlines do a better job of providing snacks and drinks. Alaska/Horizon offers Black Butte Beer, a fine micro-brew from Oregon, Starbucks coffee, and local Northwest designer wine from a bottle which used to contain an actual cork…all gratis.

And now, JetBlue has upped the ante a bit by working out a deal with Dunkin’ Donuts to offer their fried spheres of love on all flights. No word on price, but since JetBlue is the only carrier to offer free satellite TV at each seat, I’m guessing the donuts will be on the house.

Ummm, blue donuts....sign me up.

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