2:49 AM

More stuff to mash-up and play with

We pilots like our...information, and like some other things in life that will remain unmentioned, we'll get it any way we can get it, clean and easy or down and dirty. Scrawl ATIS info on a bar napkin and pass it to us under the table, we'll be in heaven.

So it is no surprise that a new site called Runway Finder has been getting passed around lately in other aviation blogs. It is what techies call a Google maps mash-up, which is a new term that means someone took the data available through Google Maps and "mashed it up" into something else.

In this case, an almost anonymous developer named "Dave" has mashed up a concoction of ATIS, airport runway info, U.S. sectional charts and Google's street maps and satellite photos to invent a hybrid tool that is as much fun as it is innovative. Will I use it as a source for info as I dash out the door to go fly? Probably not. But I can assure you it is bookmarked.

And a bit Hat tip to Todd at myflightblog.com for passing along the Frappr map of aviation blogs. Todd has an interesting thing on his blog…an online training tracker that shows his “final tally” for earning his Private ticket in August, 2004 and a flight tracker that lists his current aviation activities, including a map for airports visited. Very cool, Todd.

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