6:53 PM

More thumb rules than you could ever use

We've all used them. Little helper "rules of thumb" that can help us remember things in the airplane when the going gets busy. I like "White over white, fly all night. Red over white, you're all right. Red over red, you're dead". Nothing quite gets your attention like a rule of thumb containing the word dead.

There are literally thousands of numeric rules of thumb out there floating around on the Internet, but finding all of them can be hard...until now. That is because now you know about this site.

This is the finest collection of thumb rules I have ever stumbled upon...courtesy of a site called Flightinfo.com by Aviation Communications. I've never heard of them, and am not affiliated with them, but they do have a pretty nice site with quite a bit of good 411...including a very nice aviation forum/discussion board called The Hanger.

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