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Not that I am a fan, but the TV show Entertainment Tonight just happens to be on the tube about the time I eat dinner. And lately, they have been out front on the “reporting” about Brad Pitt’s flight training.

Big whoop.

O.K., when does it become news when a dude – any dude – writes American Flyers a check and begins punishing a Skyhawk from the left seat? So what if it is Brad Pitt, I’m sure he just caught the aviation bug while tooling around in his girlfriend’s SR22. Yes, THAT girlfriend.

But the way ET and a few websites and blogs are “covering” this almost breaking story, you’d think ol’ Brad was Orville Wright. Tonight, it was “learned” by ET “insiders” that Pitt had a “hard landing” that resulted in his C172 “bouncing down the runway and nearly hitting another airplane.” They made it sound like his life was in grave danger.

Jeez Louise, guys, it’s just flight training, that’s why Cessna builds their landing gear the way they do, SO THEY CAN BOUNCE!

I love the secret spy photos popping up all over the ‘Net showing Pitt pre-flighting his plane. The really HOT pics show him – GASP crawling on top of the plane!!! At least that is how they've been reporting it. [He was actually using that flimsy little step on the wing strut to get a visual on his fuel supply. Smart guy.]

And the stories of paparazzi being “chased off the airport” by security are a riot. I hate paparazzi. They show up at any airport I’m taxiing across trying to snap secret spy pics of Pitt and they might end up running into that big ol’ shred-o-matic spinning out there on the nose.

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