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So you think you're a know-it-all, eh?

If the guys at the airport coffee shop have been calling your bluff on that plethera of aviation knowledge washing about in your head, maybe you should aim them at this:

The folks over at Avweb – one of the ‘Net’s best sources for aviation news – has a Brainteaser page up that will test anyone. This is not your usual FAR/AIM stuff either, but really well-though-out questions that are sure to, well, tease your brain.

And you have to chuckle at the names of some of these quizs:

Quiz #70 – Mommy, Where Do Controllers Come From?
Quiz #85 -- Got Speed? Got 'Chute?
Quiz #94 -- Call Me A Taxi
Quiz #97 -- Unscramble Your Head
Quiz #98 -- Foggy Nights and Pretty Approach Lights
Quiz #99 -- Step Up To Twins

Here is a sample of the kinds of questions that will knarl your craw (from Quiz #70):

3. Archie League's flag-waving skills were limited by height. Pilots had a tough time seeing him as he stood on the ground beside his wheelbarrow waving his flags. Also, at that elevation he couldn't scan the entire airfield, so control towers were built. When was the first radio-equipped control tower opened and where?
a. 1935, New York, New York
b. 1925, Newark, New Jersey
c. 1930, Cleveland, Ohio
d. 1940, Washington, D.C.
Don’t blame me if you end up spending too much time on these…they can be a little addicting. Gotta go now… must ... answer … questions…

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