10:35 PM

Space Camp Adult Style

No, there aren't any strippers involved…not THAT kind of adult style. I’m talking Space Camp for all of us mature humans who until now have been completely jealous of those little snot-nosed kids who got to go to Space Camp.

Avweb (which by the way is a great source of info) has a great article about adult Space Camp by contributor Ron Wanttaja. Here is a taste:

Space Camp for Adults – Looking for some way to combine your next vacation with your favorite avocation, aviation? Maybe something beyond adding a new rating but which nonetheless includes a learning experience? Maybe learning what it's like to train as an astronaut on the space shuttle? If so, Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala. is a weeklong program designed strictly for adults.
O.K., I have to do this. Right after getting my DC-3 type rating and building a turbine powered Lancair. And seeing the Indy 500. And visiting Bora Bora, and...and...and...

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