10:45 PM


Go to the local mall and walk around. You’ll pass two people here, see three girls giggling over there. In the Hot Dog on a Stick, there are two girls wearing those silly uniforms that looks like something from the Jetsons.

You estimate that between the people in the stores to the guys and dolls cruising for action, there are about 340 people you’ve passed. Well, if that mall was in the state of Oregon, odds are you’d be the only licensed pilot in the building:

With a current population of 3,421,399 souls, FAA says that 10,003 of us Ducks and Beavers are licensed pilots. One in 340, roughly.
So the next time you shove the throttle to the panel, yank back on the yoke and the houses get smaller, smile wide and thank yourself for pushing through the check ride from Hell and obtaining your ticket…because you are one lucky S.O.B! We aviators are a rare breed, and I recommend you grin from ear to ear the next time you head out to the patch to convert fossilized dinosaurs into altitude as you spend the better part of a glorious day just poking holes in the sky.

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