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And they’re not kidding either…

ABC News is reporting of a “Presidential-sized” TFR this Sunday around Ford Field in Detroit during the Super Bowl, encircling the stadium out to 30 nautical miles and up to 18,000 feet. Inside that is a 10-nm no-fly zone that will be patrolled by Air Force fighters.

No doubt about it, they're really, really serious about security this time:

"We're the last line of defense," United States Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Hargrove told ABC News Wednesday. When Correspondent Pierre Thomas asked if he was prepared to take the order to shoot down a non-responsive civilian aircraft entering the inner ring, he answered, "Absolutely!
The joint U.S.-Canadian TFR prohibits most GA flights within 10 nm of Detroit's Ford Field from 4 p.m. until midnight on February 5. That will shut down Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport (DET), and Windsor Airport (CYQG) across the border in the Canadian province of Ontario, to GA traffic.

AOPA urges pilots to exercise extreme caution, unless they want 50mm of lead up their six o’clock. When one of the Big Three TV networks is reporting this, it is the real deal, guys. So please, PLEASE, just buy a 12-pack, order Domino’s and sit home and watch the Seahawks win, instead of fulfilling that urge you have to go shoot aerials of the game with your new digital camera.

If you want to get down and dirty with all the official FAA 411, here is the link.

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