12:48 PM

A headline to get anyone’s attention

I almost fell off my office chair when I read this headline today on Yahoo news:

Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner Certified to Carry Passengers Around the World

Who-hoo! Sign me up! I’ll take two tix please, around the freakin’ world, thank you. And guys, can you bring along something other than peanuts and stale pretzels…this is going to be a pretty long ride.

Of course, the headline writers at Yahoo might have been just a tad overzealous. The –200LR is not really certified for around the world, but this is not bad nonetheless:

The 777-200LR is capable of connecting virtually any two cities in the world nonstop. In service it can carry 301 passengers up to 9,420 nautical miles (17,445 kilometers).
Just think how easy Jerrie Mock’s solo flight around the world would have been back in ’64 had she been able to book a seat on a –200LR. And if you know anything about Aviation’s Forgotten Pioneer, I’ll bet that would have been a first-class ticket, cloth napkins, candlelight, champagne and some exotic food.

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