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I’ll wait for the warm WX testing in Kauai, thank you.

A group of 55 Airbus engineers and one enormous airplane have descended on Iqaluit Airport in the Nunavut capital [Inuit territory] opposite Greenland. They were there to make sure no important glitches developed with the 555-passenger A380 when the temperatures fall well below freezing. With a takeoff weight of 155 metric tons (171 U.S. tons) and a wingspan of 262 feet, the A380’s eight-story-high tail fin is now one of the tallest structures in Iqaluit.

How cold is cold to Airbus? They were thrilled that a predicted “warm spell” of -15C was eclipsed by even cooler temps of –29C. Once the Big Bus passes cold WX testing, its future appears bright:

The Airbus A380 has an average list price of $292 million, and there have been at least 159 orders already for the super jumbos capable of flying nearly 8,700 miles. Singapore Airlines is to take the first deliveries late this year.
Cold-weather testing is a significant part of Canada’s $18.9 billion aerospace industry. In addition to an abundance of cold weather, the northern capital also boasts uncluttered airspace and vast expanses of runway.

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