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The last logbook you’ll ever need

One of the best ideas I’ve discovered in a long time is the FlyWrite Pilot Logbook & Journal, available from Master CFI Dorothy Schick’s Flying D Enterprises. This inexpensive logbook takes logging your flights to a completely new level as it offers not only space for the flight details, but space to write “journal” entries such as who, what, when, where, etc.

I have always been displeased with the tiny spaces in my current logbook, which is crammed with itsy-bitsy scribbles about who I took up, and where I took them. Schick’s logbook fixes that, and I’m looking forward to taking delivery of mine very soon.

Schick makes a great point:

When you are old and have lost your medical, you’ll be able to look back inside your Flywrite Logbook and Journal and relive those many flights because all the details will be there, preserved for all time.
That alone is worth the $24.95 price. Author & Columnist, Captain Barry Schiff, sums it up well:
"As one who does enjoy logging memories as well as the statistics of flight, I can only say I wish that I had had your book with my first lesson. I anguish over all the memories lost that otherwise could have been dutifully recorded in your journal."
Schick runs one of the coolest flying clubs around, at the Creswell Airport, just a few NM south of Eugene, OR. It is the kind of place where you find benches out in front where pilots and wannnabes can just sit and watch the planes takeoff and land. It's the kind of place where all who enter has a keen love of aviation – the place just feels like a flight school ought to feel. It's the kind of place where nobody cares if your hands smell like Avgas.

It's my kind of place, and I believe I have found a new home.

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