1:55 PM

Netjets on a roll in 2006

This is more significant proof that business aviation is a very healthy sector right now:

NetJets Aviation, on Monday said it plans to hire 450 pilots in 2006, a 19 percent increase over its current pilot base, to meet rising demand for its services.
A lot of people know that NetJets operates more than 420 aircraft…but what they don’t know is that the company was founded by General O.F. "Dick" Lassiter way back in 1964, as the civilian version of the U.S. Air Force's Special Air Missions Squadron, devised to transport civilians.

2006 looks to be a banner year for business and general aviation. With the certification of numerous Light Sport and VLJ aircraft, combined with the continuous floundering of the Big Three commercial airlines, this year may turn out to be one of the most important in the history of aviation, marking the point in which private air transportation leaps far forwards as the legacy lines drop farther into a sea of red ink.

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