4:22 PM

Not the Motel from Hell,
not this time

The last time back to the land of Cheese Museums and endless airplanes, I had to stay in a run-down trucker’s motel in New London, Wisconsin, about 30 miles away from OSH. This place was so slimy, the bedbugs has tattoos, the manager’s name was Al Qaeda, and some Freightliner driver named Bubba in the next room still wants to make me his girlfriend.

But this time – oh baby – all that is changing.

I’ve just confirmed my reservation of a room in a private home just 15 minutes from the show, in a great neighborhood overlooking Lake Winnebago. I’ll be sharing the home with three other couples, all pilot families [ my kinda people ] that have been coming to White Swan Drive for years. With lodging so impossible to find during EAA season, this is like finding the end of the rainbow where the pot ‘o gold lies.

Now that I have flight, car and lodging reserved, I can chill about OSH for a few months before again kicking my excitement level up a few notches again in June.

Yeah right…like anyone can chill about Oshkosh.

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