4:20 PM

Oh heck, there’s
room for ONE
more VLJ, right?

Having trouble keeping up with the VLJ horse race? Well, this isn’t going to make things any easier:

JetSet Inc. of Canada is set to introduce its Very Light Jet fractional ownership program. The program features the MS760x, a 4 seat, twin-engine pressurized personal jet aircraft offering cruise speeds of 400mph. A one-sixteenth ownership can be purchased for as little as US$60,000. This entitles the owner to a minimum of 25 hours per year.
A total of 20 aircraft have already been ordered, with initial deliveries scheduled for March 2006. Designed, manufactured and certified in France in the 1960's, the MS760 was introduced as the “first business jet in North America” by Beech Aircraft Corporation. While the four-place, twin engine jet was fast and easy to fly, the high purchase price at the time appealed to only a few wealthy buyers such as the Shah of Persia and Morocco's Prince Hassan. The MS760 was said to be decades ahead of its time.

This is the first I have ever heard of this airframe, so maybe I am late to the party on this one. But I have a stupid question: Are these NEW aircraft, or previously flown 1960s models that are being retrofitted?

Keep an eye on the Jet Set Fractions website for more details.

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