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Yeah, but the pretzels are still pretty good…

Air Transport World is reporting that in the US Dept. of Transportation's Air Travel Consumer Report, domestic airline delays, mishandled baggage and customer complaints worsened in 2005.

But anyone who has stuffed their butt into 25A recently already knew that:

The 20 reporting US carriers posted an ontime arrival rate of 77.4% last year, down from 78.1% in 2004. Reports of mishandled baggage rose to 6.04 per 1,000 passengers compared to 4.91 in the previous year. Consumer complaints rose 17.2% to 8,735.
As usual, Hawaiian Airlines led the way with a brilliant 94.2% on time arrival rate, while JetBlue Airways was on time only 63.7% of the time. And Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) may have set a record with their Flight 4148 from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Salt Lake City, arriving late to the gate at SLC an astonishing 100% of the time.

You have to wonder if there is any correlation between these kinds of numbers and the airlines bleeding red ink. I read this stuff and have to envy the VLJ makers right now...their future is bright, and the big carriers are their best salesman.

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