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Cassini: Pockets of water
exist on one of Saturn’s moons

If you’re a biologist, geologist or land developer, this news from space.com is huge:

Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have pockets of liquid water lurking beneath its surface, feeding great jets that spew from the satellite and hinting at the possibility of a habitable environment. Observations from the Cassini spacecraft currently studying Saturn and its myriad moons shows Enceladus to be a geologist’s dream, with an active plume spewing water and other material spaceward, as well as a hot spot of thermal activity at its south pole.
Jeffrey Kargel, a research scientist with the University of Arizona’s Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, said this in a related article in Science:
“Any life that existed could not be luxuriant and would have to deal with low temperatures, feeble metabolic energy, and perhaps a severe chemical environment. Nevertheless, we cannot discount the possibility that Enceladus may be life’s distant outpost.”
Oh boy, here we go. Just when Richard Branson and others were starting to dream big about commercial space flight, we find the first tidbits of news that maybe Enceladus will be the new ‘burbs once the land developers get their hands on it.

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