2:27 PM

FAA having too
much fun in OK City

A website out of Pennsylvania has published a great article today on some of the humorous fix names the FAA uses. We pilots have always heard of a few of these, but this article brings them all together.

It really is worth the time to visit and chuckle for a minute:

Airplanes approaching Newark International Airport in New Jersey toward the northeast will cross either HOWYA or DOOIN. Louisiana has RYTHM, Kentucky has BRBON and Massachusetts has BOSOX. Kansas City, Mo., has SPICY, BARBQ and RIBBS.
I have a couple of my own. You’re inbound to Washington, D.C., so ATC might vector you direct over DUFUS to LIARR before sending you over CRONY or would they send you direct NOWMD on your way to MPECH?

Just a thought.

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