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Germany’s Thielert AG
coming to America big time

In a bold $10 million deal, Germany’s Thielert AG plans to expand its range of piston aircraft engines products by acquiring Texas-based Superior Air Parts, Inc. Currently, Thielert is market leader in the manufacture of certified jet fuel/diesel engines for piston aircraft.

If you’ve never heard of Thielert, you will soon…as they may be the company that makes your next aircraft engine, one that comes with a built-in feature of being able to pull up to the fuel island and boldly tell the line guy to “fill it with Jet A”, just like the Gulfstream drivers.

Thielert Group was founded in 1989, and sells it’s jet fuel engines under the Centurion banner. These engines are said (by the company) to reduce the level of direct flight costs by up to 60 percent as compared with conventional aircraft engines commonly used today.

CEO Frank Thielert confirmed that they have major expansion plans:

"With its outstanding products and established brand name, Superior Air Parts is the ideal acquisition to help us enhance our market position. This acquisition marks our final step along the road into the US-American market for engines and engine components and the expansion of our presence there.”
Teledyne/Continental and Textron/Lycoming can’t be happy about this news, but for the aircraft owner, we have been past due on engine evolution for quite some time now, and a marriage of Thielert and SAP will certainly push that envelope big time.

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