9:48 AM

GOP Representative
in SoCal sets new
world’s record for
screwing the aviation

Remember the way Chicago’s Mayor stabbed us all in the back when his thugs came in and ripped up Meigs Field? Well now we find out from a very credible website, The Hill, that Rep. Gary Miller (R-Calif.) was taking notes:

Rep. Gary Miller (R-Calif.) pushed for a provision in last year’s transportation bill that allowed the city of Rialto, Calif., to shut down its airport. By doing so, he paved the way for his business partner, Lewis Operating Corp., one of his top campaign contributors, to buy the land from the city and make plans to build Renaissance, a community consisting of 2,500 homes, parks and 80 acres of retail space on the former airport property and adjacent land.

Normally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sole authority to close airports.
I try really, really hard to not make this into a GOP-bashing, Republican-hating blog, but they just keep giving me fits. I absolutely detest morally bankrupt politicians, and when they steal a perfectly good airport, I cannot contain my anger.

Of course, Miller claims he had nothing to do with this, and as per usual with anyone in the GOP these days, he is blaming someone else. I’m sure SADDAM must be responsible, since Bush blames him for everything from global warming to diaper rash.

There is plenty of he said-she said in this issue. It’s best to go read the article yourself, and then watch the AOPA site, as they have been all over this one, and their reporting is always first cabin.

And since the Rialto Airport is named after one of our most beloved aerobatic stars, Art Scholl, it adds more insult to injury.

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