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Here’s your chance to
dance on the cutting edge

If you’re an engineer that is interested in the aerospace trades, composite manufacturing or commercial space travel, this is your wake up call. Opportunities like this do not come around every day, and those who snooze will lose.

Down at what is now called the Mojave “Spaceport”, you’ve probably heard of a guy named Burt Rutan who builds very, very efficient composite aircraft at his company, Scaled Composites. Well, Uncle Burt needs you, now.

I believe Rutan could be one of the most important and talented aerospace engineers of all time, and he and Scaled are now riding the new commercial space travel wave that will soon be launching regular Joes (with very fat wallets) into space. If you’ve ever heard this brilliant flying machine builder speak about SpaceShipOne, NASA’s current shuttle program, or the future of private space travel, you literally get chills...he's not just dancing on the cutting edge...he IS the cutting edge.

Now Scaled is working fast and furious with Richard Branson on building SpaceShipTwo, a larger version of SS1, and they have put the word out big time for help. Here are just a few positions open: Composite Fabricators, Materials and Process Engineers, Direct CNC Programmers for a 5-Axis Gantry Milling Machine, 5-Axis CNC Gantry Mill Operators, CATIA Draftsmen, Technical Drawer/Draftsmen, Composites Manufacturing Engineers, Composites Design Engineers and Avionics Engineers.

And then there’s this position:

Program Business Manager (Department of Defense Clearance Required)
DoD clearance? That’s interesting. It might be just that Scaled wants this person to be able to work on the many intricate details of shooting people through the same air where our military flies, or it could be, um, well, different. Not going to speculate here, you can connect your own dots if you wish.

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty building space ships, here’s a few things Scaled would like to see in your skill set:
• Able to give 100-percent each day
• Must enjoy a fast-paced research and development environment
• Must have passion
• Must possess a talent in building quality things
• Can work well in a team atmosphere
• Is very trustworthy
• Must enjoy doing ‘milestone-making’ work
So you think you’ve got what Scaled wants, then here is their online application. And Space.com has an awesome article on Scaled's hiring campaign, found here.

Fax or mail resumes to: Scaled Composites, LLC, 1624 Flight Line, Mojave, CA 93501, FAX: 661-824-4174

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