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The 'Katrinazation' of
FAA User Fees

Considering the current disarray of our Federal government, is it any surprise that U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Norman Y. Mineta is changing his tune so often on the subject of user fees?

Here is Mineta at AOPA Expo in November, 2005:

"I can tell you right now from my perspective, the solution will not be user fees."
His words were welcomed with resounding applause. But wait…here is Mineta last month speaking to the Aero Club of Washington:
"Soon, the Bush Administration will propose a new, cost-based financing system for the FAA – a plan for locking onto a financial course capable of sustaining America’s aviation leadership."
So which is it, Norm? Yes, no, maybe? Sorta? Kinda?

Truth is, the lack of truthiness with this administration has made me skeptical that we will ever know a thing about user fees until the day the hammer comes down. And when AOPA reports that a Canadian user fee system is failing, does anyone – even you Red State pilots – honestly think Washington is capable of implementing user fees that are anything CLOSE to fair? The only thing fair to them will be that Halliburton's planes will get a pass on their user fees.

Anyone wanna bet me on that one, hmmmm?

These guys screw up anything they touch, and the last thing GA needs is to have this White House shove their feeble attempt at user fees down our throats. It will be an aviation version of FEMA's inept response to Hurricane Katrina, and so many Americans are already forgetting that 1,300 souls died in that Bush blunder. If we let W and "Dickie the Fudd" Cheney anywhere near GA, we will lose big time.

And at a time when we have things rolling along so nicely too. GA growth is all around us, and apparently we can't have that. Let's stop this train with some bloated fee structure that all but kills the recent growth we all embrace. That, my Red State friends, is your President at work.

(Note to those who email me when I go off all political...I am NOT a Democrat, I am an Independent, and distrust both sides of the aisle equally. I try – really – to hold back, but damn, have you seen the news today? AP has footage from a FEMA videoconference call showing W knew about the possible devastation coming to NOLA and STILL bungled it all up. Did I mention that 1,300 people died? And the GOP tried to impeach Clinton for one damned blow job... arguhhh!)

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