12:59 PM

Man gets probation for shooting at remote-controlled plane

This is all over the web today:

CHELSEA, MICH. -- A Michigan man says he was defending his family when he fired a shotgun at his neighbor's radio-controlled model airplanes.

David Nuttle says the planes have been a nuisance. He says they scare his children, spook his chickens and cause his goats to faint. Nuttle says two shots hit one of the planes. He says it crashed when the child operating it lost control after being frightened by the shooting.

Nuttle pleaded guilty to one count of malicious destruction of property. He's been sentenced to six months of probation and 50 hours of community service. He also has to pay $154 restitution and $550 in fines.
Defending his family? Against what...incoming toy airplanes?

Quick, someone check the water up there in Chelsea. And there's only one thing to say about this guy's goats...they are SISSIES if they faint at the sight of an R/C plane overhead.

Goats, really, what good are they anyway? Milk tastes funny, you can't ride 'em, and they will never fetch the morning paper.

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