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More on K-State/Salina (see below for full story)

I just LOVE this story
. The more I read about these students at K-State/Salina guiding GlobalFlyer around the world, the more interesting it becomes. So join me in the fun:

Here is everything you'll every want to know about the K-State/Salina team. If you’ve got RealPlayer, you can spy on Mission Control in real-time and see how many pizzas these Wildcats will eat in the next 24 hours (I’m guessing 12, from Domino’s). And if you’ve got Google Earth, track the flight with the .kmz file here.

SIDEBAR: I just saw a TV news report last week on ABC about how many college kids are getting stinking, fall-down drunk these days. It makes me feel good to say I believe this group of students is not among that crowd. I'll bet they've already figured out that Boeing doesn't hire losers who hurled their way through college.

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