9:45 PM

Music from
Da Streetz
not welcome
in Da Air

A pirate hip-hop station that goes by the rap handle of Da Streetz broadcasting illegally near Miami International Airport (MIA) has been interfering with ATC communications, says the FAA. Departing pilots must switch to a back-up frequency when the so-called “music” clogs up the channel.

What is more irritating about this story is not that some rap dawg is spewing his crap into the air without a license, but the cops haven’t been able to stop him:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement traced the signals to an antenna at a nearby warehouse. The cops didn’t find the “disc jockey”, but did confiscate equipment including computers and a CD players. But despite the seizures, the broadcasts have continued.
So the Feds unplug this “Da Streetz” dude, and the loud thump of America’s most inferior music continues to invade outbound airline cockpits. Hmm, this is just a wild theory, but maybe THEY SEIZED THE WRONG EQUIPMENT!

Now I’m going to go on the record as saying that there should be a place on airwaves for low-power radio stations. If the FCC would winnow out a hole in the FM band for guys like Streetz to spew forth, maybe they wouldn’t have to use 118.3 for their spewing. Pirate radio is going to be out there, might as well give them a place to call home. It’s like giving the drag racers a strip out on the edge of town so they won’t kill innocent people on rural highways.

But until that happens (which we all know is way too logical of a solution), it would really, really be a good idea of find Senór Streetz and shut his ass down, right now, before a couple of –67s trade paint over Miami Beach.

And while we still can’t manage to find Osama, you would think that as the world’s alleged Superpower, the FCC’s whiz kids could find one lone rapper with two turntables and a CB radio on steroids.

UPDATE 032006 1119A: Reports from South Florida say that a federal engineer who specializes in frequency transmissions has arrived in Miami to help investigators locate the signal. On any given day, between nine and 20 illegal stations are playing in South Florida, according to the Florida Association of Broadcasters (FAB), which deems the region the pirate capital of the nation. And, FAB is reminding the media that Pirate broadcasting is a third-degree felony in Florida.

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