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Now if we can just do this with our ground troops

Canada has the right idea when it comes to aerial support for their soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan…and this is a first, reports the Canadian government.

Using real-time video and a host of infrared and other specialized sensors, an entire flight of possibly 12 French-made Sperwer tactical uninhabited aerial vehicles the drones will soon be sent aloft to track down insurgents before they become a threat to Canada's 2,200 troops on the ground.

This is news because this represents first organized formation flight of pilotless aircraft. So that wingman out there will actually be a technician on the ground sitting in an Ops center that resembles the cockpit of an aircraft. The Ops Tech will monitor a variety of sensor data produced by the TUAV's onboard computer, which in turn is relayed to troops in the field.

This is indeed a major step for pilotless military aircraft, which I think is great. And just watching these these badass remote-control babies take off must be a thrill:

The French-made Sperwers are blasted into the air on a truck-mounted rail-launch system, going from zero to 160 kilometres per hour in one-quarter of a second.
Now what we need are remote-operated, driverless Humvees to lead our troops down all those Iraqi roads where IADs await. It’ll be confusion for the insurgents, not knowing which Humvee is real, and which one is the decoy.

But then again, that makes way too much sense.

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