1:54 PM

NWA takes easy
way into the sky

News today out of Minneapolis is that Northwest Airlines has bought the operating certificate (OC) of bankrupt FLYi Inc., the parent company of Independence Air.

The OC is a document the FAA requires airlines to have, and buying someone else's is considered far easier than performing the red tape paperwork dance with OK City and Washington, DC to start up a new regional airline from scratch.
Also listed in the sale are "related assets" which NWA didn't name. One can only assume these assets might have wings attached.

This comes on the heels of last week’s tentative agreement NWA with pilots which allows it to start a subsidiary to fly planes with 51 to 76 seats.

So the timing of Flyi going belly up was perfect for NWA negotiators as it made available an OC that the line could acquire to start their regional deal. And you just know that fact played heavily at the bargaining table. What this means for NWA pilots is anyone's guess.

I just hope they come up with a catchier name than…TED!

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