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The pride of Bend, Oregon could not be hotter

When we pilots talk about sleek, expensive all-composite new GA aircraft these days, the Cirrus SR22 G2 is usually the subject.

But the Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. has been red-hot recently, and their line of all-composite ships cannot be overlooked. CAM Vice President of Marketing and Sales Randy S. Bolinger says it best:

Columbia hit its stride in 2005. The facility expansion and production ramp up was completed, deliveries were very strong, new products were introduced and sales demand was excellent. In the future, I think we’ll look back on 2005 as a turning point for Columbia.
I’d say so, looking at their sales numbers. The company’s 2005 deliveries of its 350 and 400 aircraft were up 68% over 2004, with proud new pilots flying 115 new aircraft away, up from 78 in 2004. Part of that very healthy growth can be attributed to international sales in Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Malaysia and Australia.

If you want fast, think about the Columbia 400 family, the world’s fastest certified piston aircraft, with intercooled, twin-turbocharged, four-place aircraft certified to FL250 with a cruise speed of 235 knots. Their normally aspirated line – Columbia 350, 350i, 350SL and 350SLX – are also four-place aircraft with a cruise speed of 191 knots.

Find out everything you want to know about the “other” line of composite ships out there here, and to compare the Columbias to the Mooney Bravo, Beechcraft A36 and Cirrus SR22, click here.

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