8:35 PM

A stop all Eclipse owners should make on their way to Albuquerque

In the VLJ horse race, Eclipse has always been out front in terms of positions held and value by way of their $1.3 million price. And with positions full well into 2007, for a lot of people out there, those assembly lines cannot get cranked up fast enough.

But before anyone on that elite list climbs aboard their personal freedom ship, they will be smart to visit www.pilotinvestors.com.

Ryan F. Partin, Founder, President & CEO of Pilot Investors is trying to match Eclipse 500 owners with new VLJ charter customers as a means to make those E500s generate some capital to go against the direct operating costs of owning the ship. It’s a damn fine idea, and had my six numbers been drawn when the Powerball was floating around $365 million, I’d be on Partin’s site in a heartbeat.

This is mandatory reading if you are a E500 position holder, and is time well spent even if you're just intrigued by VLJs.

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