11:07 AM

This is not good.

As each new days passes, less and less Americans have any faith at all in our current Congressional circus act. They flail, they lie, they cheat, they chase their tail like a dog, but they do not seem to know how to do anything right. So it is scary to read this:

Contract talks ended without agreement between the Federal Aviation Administration and the air traffic controllers' union Friday, leaving it up to Congress to come up with a new contract for some 14,000 controllers.
Anytime anything is “left up to Congress”, we are screwed. Does anyone really believe they’ll find a minute to think seriously about the guys at ATC when Halliburton is outside waiting for their envelope?

Didn’t think so.

According to National Air Traffic Controllers Association spokesman Doug Church, contracts talk are over.

The party line from the FAA sounds like they are greasing the wheels to place the blame for any and all things bad that happens with our national airspace system square on the controller’s shoulders, which is bunk:
FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said controllers make far more money than other public servants, control scheduling and hold back modernization projects.
Sounds like MB is making her case for user fees to help pay those high priced guys and gals up in the tower...which BTW sounds alot like Norm Mineta's song and dance about user fees when you think about it.

The NATCA fact sheet on this entire issue can be found here.

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