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This is one VERY
smart company.

Face it, we all love anything deemed experimental. We try not to get drool on a parked Lancair Propjet, but in reality, most of us can only dream about bolting a kitplane together, slopping a few layers of composite skin on and firewalling the throttle, hoping the damn thing stays together.

Personally, I have neither the time, money or technical skills to do the job. I border on being retarded when it comes to changing the oil in a Toyota, and trust me – I am the last aviator that has any business trying to build a flying machine.

But the smart folks at Glasair might have just revolutionized the fine art of building your own airplane. They’ve just announced their “Two Weeks to Taxi” program, which has been signed off by the FAA:

Marc Cook, a Glasair Sportsman 2+2 aircraft customer, went from quick build kit to 1st flight in 22 days, working 8-hour days, five days a week at Glasair’s Arlington, WA. Factory. An FAA representative toured the facility; reviewed the extensive program materials; inspected Cook's Sportsman; and, concluded that both the aircraft and the program comply with the letter and spirit of the 51 percent rule relating to Amateur-Built aircraft.
The new program says you’ll be flying your new Sportsman 2+2 in three weeks. And when the wheels and the Earth part ways, the fun begins:
  • 160+ m.p.h cruise speed; 48 m.p.h. stall speed at gross!
  • Roomy side-by-side cabin, wider than a Cessna 182!
  • Enormous 300 lb. baggage capacity!
  • 2+2 seating
  • Take-off & landing rolls of less than 400 ft. at gross!
  • Incredibly docile slow-speed handling qualities!
  • Folding wings & removable tail for trailering!
Damn, son, that’s a lot of airplane for about $45 large. Add your own engine and avionics, and you have a seriously fun bird for less than $100,000. So max out the credit cards, re-fi the crib and tell momma she’ll be spending those three weeks in Tahiti...alone.

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