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A "virtual workplace" to build the
airliner of our dreams

World of Flying has just become an official media outlet for Boeing media, allowing me to access and publish news and images from the most amazing aircraft company in the world. The photo and cutline below is a great place to start:

Courtesy Boeing Media

Brian Bodge (front, center), 787 program senior specialist engineer, leads a technical discussion between the 787 Program in the Global Collaboration Center in Everett, Wash., and Jeff Swada (left screen, far right), a senior lead engineer in Wichita. The collaborative technology enables a virtual workspace that allows engineers on the 787 program, including its partners in Australia, Japan, Italy, Canada and across the United States, to make concurrent design changes to the airplane in real time. Designing, building and testing the 787 airplane digitally before production begins will improve efficiencies and reduce errors.

There can be no dispute that the 787 will be an airliner that will change everything, from a company that – over the years – has grown quite good at changing everything. Here's three numbers that define Boeing: 707, 747, 777.

Soon we will add 787 to that elite list.

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