7:56 PM

And I thought $10 mil
for EUG's needless
runway was horrible!

This coming Thursday, Lambert (St. Louis) Airport and city officials will gather Thursday to open STL’s new 9,000-foot-long concrete runway that cost $1.1 billion to build and is said to be the most expensive improvement project in St. Louis history.

Over a billion for one runway? Un-huh.

This billion-dollar-baby has been in the works for some time:

Lambert faces a different reality than the busy conditions it faced in the 1990s when the federal government approved the runway plan in 1998. Back then Lambert was TWA's primary hub. Strong storms or heavy fog restricted landings to one runway, triggering a backlog that rippled across the country.
So TWA is history, and it appears that STL’s traffic has dropped so much the runway wasn’t really needed after all. Reports are that since 9/11, STL sees 36 percent less ops, and all but two of the 14 gates in Concourse D are empty.

Now I do not claim to be an airport engineer, but you’d think that in all those years, someone somewhere might have re-figured this thing, hmmm? Over a billion for a runway? Give is all a break. Somebody was asleep at the wheel on this one, and I offer my condolences to the taxpayers of America.

As is the case so much these days, I smell pork a-burning in the kitchen, momma.

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